Animals At Bishops

We have a few Family pets, unfortunately the ducks in the picture have grown up and flown away. We continue to love Maisie and Kit and hope to welcome your 4 legged loved ones.

We LOVE dogs and do permit them to stay for a £20 charge per dog (1 dog per room maximum). We only accept quiet, friendly, well behaved dogs to stay. This is to ensure all of our guests have a pleasurable stay. All dogs must remain on a lead when on the premises and owners are responsible for picking up their foul. Dogs are not permitted in the breakfast room but are welcome in the bar, garden and porch. Please be aware that if your dog is loud and badly behaved, Bishops does reserve the right to ask your group to leave without a refund.


Maisie is our Jackihuahua, she is 5 years old and gets on well with all small to medium dogs provided they aren't puppies. She may growl at the jumpy large dogs to show them who's the boss but couldn't and wouldn't do any harm. She is a little shy with humans and doesn't like to be picked up. She wanders around the garden making sure everyone is safe and takes the odd break to sunbathe.

Dog friendly places to stay Lulworth
Dog friendly places to stay Lulworth


Kit is our very friendly kitty, she is 9 years old and super soft. She will always manage to find her way back into Bishops, somehow. She is head of pest control and has done a fantastic job.

She will jump on your lap and rub against you for strokes, just stick to her neck and head. She isn't a fan of belly and bum rubs. Don't worry about your dogs, she will run away.

Kit our resident cat
Kit our resident cat